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The Rug Shop USA is a one stop destination to find any type of rug. Our collection includes an array of rugs from modern to contemporary rugs that will make your interior spaces look amazing.

We provide hand knitted rugs that are made by some very hard working artisans. These rugs are derived from age old traditional ideas and would suit any type of decor. We are glad to say that our collection of area rugs comes from an artistic acumen of artisans who have more than twenty years of experience. We also have professional affiliations with global manufacturers and distributors by which you will get high quality floor covering rugs at affordable prices.

Our business policies are transparent. As we believe in free shipping and a 30 day return strategy there is no reason why you will not give us an opportunity to serve you. Come and shop online with us as there are thousands of rugs to explore.

We have respect for your unique style so at Rugs USA you will be surprised to see a our rugs collection that matches your choice. Whether you want to preserve the traditional look and feel of your interiors or you are interested in the upkeep of your style, shop online hand knitted rugs with us and enjoy the most astonishing prices around.

With our modern rugs you can add vibrant colors to your spaces and design that particular area of your home. We also keep eco-friendly natural rugs by which you can offer new life to your home. These rugs don't cause any type of pollution and you will remain guilt free with your decision. You can also keep your patio organized with our amazing and pocket friendly collection of outdoor rugs.

It can be challenging to select the right rug for your home, to solve this dilemma we have taken the help of a few professional photographers so that you get the right look and feel in advance. Living room rugs create a cozy and inviting space for you. As the center of every home is a kitchen and receives high traffic through the space, so you can shop Kitchen Rugs with us. It will do wonders for brightening up the space and will be a delight for your feet.

We also offer comfortable dining room and bedroom rugs at reasonable prices.

So what are you waiting for, come and shop online for any type of rug and give your home a particular look and feel!